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Cambria is an artist, entrepreneur, and screen printing wizard. She hand draws her designs, burns screens with the sun, and handprints tshirts. She's an inspiration to "do it yourself" and an UGLYMOON favorite. You may have seen her work on "desert daze" guides, or in your local indie shop. What a gal

UM: tell us about yourself, what got you interested in screening printing? what other forms of art are you interested in?

MH: When I was in high school my art teacher had a closet full of screen printing materials that she hadn’t used anymore because they didn’t want kids to play with chemicals anymore. I asked about it and she showed me how to print with stencils underneath the screen instead of using emulsion. So then I started selling things I printed. When I was in college I decided to take a real screen printing class and then the next semester I took an advanced class and then I just took the class again because it was my favorite thing to do and they had all of the supplies.

Once I started selling more prints I decided to just focus on making things and basically dropped out. Ha!

UM: tell us about your art process..

MH: I create as much as possible. I’m addicted to making things. If I’m not drawing I’m crocheting, printing, painting, sewing, taking photos, or on illustrator.

All of these have a different process, but all of them start with an idea, and not all of them are good.

UM: What inspires you?

MH: There’s nothing that doesn’t inspire me, but I guess if I have to narrow it down... it would probably be nature( which is why everything I make has plants in it) and my emotions( which is why there’s profanity on a lot of my screen printed tees) Also music influences me a lot! If the record isn’t spinning I’m not out of bed.

UM: where do you see yourself in the future as an artist and entrepreneur?

MH: In the future I see myself more organized and painting larger pieces. I also have decided to “think big” when it comes to the future and make goals that are more difficult for myself and Mermaid Hex. I’ve definitely gone easy on myself the last couple years, when I know I could be doing more.

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