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Interview; Kyramade, designer

Meet Kyra, she's the sweetest angel and such an amazing designer. She uses recycled, vintage materials and repurposes them into the most beautiful couture gowns. Her clothing captures the feeling of a warm summer day in the 60s, a truly unique girl!ย 


UM: Hi Kyra! Your designs are so amazing! What got you interested in sewing and vintage? Kyra: Ooo this question takes me back! Well I have actually been thrifting since I was about 7 or 8, my friend introduced me to it and I was addicted ever since! When I was about 11 I started teaching myself to sew on my mums old singer! Like with everything, I basically refused to be taught how to sew properly๐Ÿ˜…. I instantly started upcycling secondhand clothes and making my own ideas from scratch using vintage materials. My first creations were terrifyingly awful, but if it wasn't for those I wouldn't be where I'm at now๐Ÿ˜‚ย ย 

UM: We think its rad that you use vintage and recycled materials, that's what uglymoon is all about! What inspires you?ย ย 

Kyra: My inspiration comes from nature and from thin air! Most of my ideas feel like they almost come to me as already fully formed ideas. It's like a clear vision effortlessly pops into my head all at once! I am also inspired from myself a lot. A lot of my creations are based off another original by me, sometimes I literally just remake something I've made in the past, except in higher quality. Right now I seem to be redoing a lot of creations from 2012-13. I was so hasty and careless back then (a whole nother psychological story) so the quality is embarrassing and painful for me to look back on but some of them are really worth remaking! So ya, inspired by myself, nature andย  almost nothing at all! ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ™

UM: What are your personal goals for the future? What can we expect to see from kyramade? :)

Kyra: A personal goal for the future is to have help with some of the more reproducible designs (like the halters or sunglasses) while maintaining ethicality. This would allow me to focus more purely on new one-of-a-kinds! :-) You can expect to be (hopefully) suprised by new creations, because I always have new ideas and loOove to surprise and wow people hehe! :-)ย 

UM: Well you certainly are good at wowing people! We love you, Kyra. Thank you for answering our questions! We're so excited to have you on the site and see what other amazing designs you'll come up with next!! You're the best!

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